Fashonista Fedayeen

We interrupt this war to bring you vital information on what the Hilton sisters are wearing

Fashiontrance is addictive; it's almost a televised form of meditation. Within five minutes of watching, you're riveted by the discovery that Valentino loves to entertain on his yacht. Then you learn that Valentino has "an extensive art collective [sic] including works by Picasso and Toulouse Lautrec."

"Really?" you murmur to yourself. "Does he host the collective on the yacht?" It's this kind of show that encourages you to clear your mind of all worries--and all thought, really. After 30 minutes of Fashiontrance factoids, you're unaccountably proud of Donna Karan for advocating yoga, and feeling less tense yourself. Of course, if you're not deep enough in the zone, you may be wondering if Frieda Karlo will be in Valentino's art collective with the Hilton sisters, but that's a small price to pay.

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