Sugar Shack

Specialty baking supply shop sells everything sweet, sweeter

That's really all I have to say. If you, or the people you know, have birthdays, if you like wasting time on e-Bay, if you like perusing dictionaries or peeking into closets, you should try to stop here sometime. I feel like my understanding of the world we live in, of America, has been expanded by a single visit to this place. People! There are women among us who are making cakes for their teenage sons, and putting Motocross sugar guys on them! They are making chocolates in the shape of saws! They are serving 3D teddy bear cakes!

Maybe the war is making me hysterical, but I could only walk up and down these aisles with their millions of cookie cutters and boggle: Who is getting this much love? Who among us is being swaddled in such sugary attention? Who is receiving these homemade gifts that are so precisely tailored to their lives: I know you like razor scooters, I made you a razor scooter cookie. I know you like saws. So I put on my apron. Is there really this much love in the world?

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