The Two-Year Plan

Risks, rewards, and the future of the Wolves

KG: Will he stay or will he go?
David Kern
KG: Will he stay or will he go?

In recent interviews with local and national media, KG has let his displeasure be known over McHale's lack of vocal support when former NBA stars like Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley were criticizing his play in last year's playoff series with Dallas. He also claims that McHale and coach Flip Saunders were "on him" and "giving him heat" for the way he played last year. Add to that the frustration of six (and perhaps soon to be seven) straight first-round playoff defeats and the inability of the Wolves' brain trust to surround him with sufficient talent to break out of the rut. Will he stay or will he go? That is more than a $64,000 question; that's the difference between this franchise building for a championship or regaining its reputation as the frozen gulag of the NBA. And right now I'd rate it a 50-50 proposition.

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