North Yacht Club

Caribbean comfort food and fried chicken shine at AJ’s Smoke House in North Minneapolis

Perhaps you could even put together a low-fat Caribbean party, if you called ahead. The last time I was at the restaurant AJ showed me a special batch of jerk chicken he was making for a customer who was on a diet and had called in with a request: This chicken was skin-free and soaking in AJ's homemade jerk marinade, a sauce bright with flecks of fresh red chile. Another call-ahead item is the red snapper ($12), served in a golden curry sauce loaded with julienne carrots, onions, and red bell peppers. And if that's not enough low-fat options for you, AJ says he's going to start selling smoked Caribbean-spiced turkeys. What's with all the low-fat cooking in a first-rate chicken-wing joint? Let's just say that wherever you see a yacht or a Hummer, the air will be perfumed by both a familiarity with Caribbean life and the haunting naggings of a personal trainer.

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