Poster Children

A basement print shop in St. Paul creates bold propaganda for latter-day rock


Thanks the exposure and feedback from websites such as, Ibarra and Byzewski have been able to subsidize their business through Internet sales.

"It's weird," Ibarra says. "We did a tour poster for Volante and sold it out really quickly. We got orders from all over the world, so it's pretty obvious that a lot of people who were buying the poster weren't necessarily fans of the band."

As gratifying as that response is, Byzewski and Ibarra are even more heartened by the local design and music community's enthusiasm for their work.

"Not just the music community, but the design community here has been really amazing and supportive," Ibarra says. "You'd think people would be threatened by the competition, but maybe it's just that they're not very threatened by us because they know that we're complete fucking amateurs."

When Aesthetic Apparatus did a poster for a recent Mission of Burma show at First Avenue, Byzewski and Ibarra were a little nervous about how the band would react to the work. "You know how [tinnitus-afflicted guitarist] Roger Miller wears those headphones?" Byzewski asks. "We tried to incorporate a headphone image into the poster, and we worried that he might think we were making fun of him. But afterwards the band came over and talked to us and invited us backstage. We went back there and [Hüsker Dü's] Grant Hart was sitting around talking with the band and Dan and I were just like, 'How the hell did we end up in this situation?'"

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