Yes, We Have No Troy Glauses

Twins/Angels Game 3

You're absolutely right about Koskie. That was easily the worst game I've ever seen him play, and I figured this series was going to show the world what a gamer the guy is. The Twins had runners at first and third and couldn't get a run across against Washburn. You saw it: Koskie struck out on three pitches, and then LeCroy managed to work a full count only to pop up.

The Twins got two-out hits in the fourth and sixth--courtesy of Mohr and Hunter--but couldn't get 'em home. The top of the order was futile. I was cursing Jacque Jones all game, and then he gets the single most improbable hit of his season when he somehow tomahawked that two-out double to the opposite field off Washburn to score Mohr and tie the game in the seventh. I wasn't, however, foolish enough to think that the worm had turned at that point, but when the Twins worked out of that ridiculous mess in the bottom of the inning (four pitchers, two walks, that play at home to nail Figgins, and, finally, Romero getting Anderson to fly out to leave the bases loaded), I really did think it *had* to be the Twins night. That was easily the most gripping inning of baseball since the seventh game of the 1991 World Series.

That Rodriguez kid for Anaheim is something else, isn't he? My God, he really doesn't look hittable. Some of those pitches he threw Koskie and Ortiz in the eighth were mind boggling. I know he struck out four times and deserves much of the blame for the loss, but I felt nothing but pity for Koskie.

And Glaus? Up close that guy is the most imposing figure I think I've ever seen on a baseball diamond. You honestly can't believe how huge that kid is, and he's the one guy on that team that seriously scared me coming into this series. Koskie doesn't even belong on the same field with Glaus. As ridiculous as it might sound, when Romero got down 3-1 to him I was secretly hoping he would just put him on and take his chances with the guys behind him. I *knew* what he would do with that 3-1 slider. And then, of course, we were looking at Troy Percival. Does that guy look like the orneriest fucker on the planet, or what? The Twins are clearly terrified of him, and as much as I'd like to believe that they're going to eventually get to him in this series, I also recognize that as wishful thinking of the most desperate kind. Percival looks like a heavy in a Sergio Leone western, and I think the Twins sense they're whipped the minute the bullpen door opens and he starts his plug-assed, pigeon-toed trot in to the mound.

Are you as tired as I am of the ongoing fascination with that miserable little half pint, David Eckstein? If I have to watch him pacing around in the on-deck circle one more time I'm gonna throw a banana at the TV.

What can I say? That one took it out of me, and it's small consolation that it was a terrific game and the boys played hard and fought back valiantly.

I refuse to concede your points regarding the Angels superiority. And I fully expect--because, really, what choice do I have?--that Radke will come out again and shut down the Angels. The bigger question mark at this point, of course, is the Twins’ suddenly feeble offense. They need a blowout game in the worst way, and I'm having a hard time seeing that coming. Still, wouldn't a game seven Washburn/Milton rematch be a thing of beauty?

Save your joke, friend, I'm holding my breath, but I have a sinking feeling I'm going to need it later.

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