Mr. Shoah

David Cross and Bob Odenkirk perpetrate a comic genocide on good taste

Odenkirk: Yes! We were led to believe that Dr. Dre is a big fan, and that he showed it to a bunch of people.

Cross: Method Man and Redman are fans. Biz Markie actually said these words to me: "Man, Mr. Show and Benny Hill, the two funniest shows on TV." But you know about his Beanie Baby thing, right? This is as of a couple years ago, but he has spent over $100,000 on Beanie Babies. I'm not kidding.

Odenkirk: That is fucked up.

"I was a Korean comfort wife and David sent for me": Bob Odenkirk and David Cross of 'Mr. Show'
Courtesy of Clear Channel
"I was a Korean comfort wife and David sent for me": Bob Odenkirk and David Cross of 'Mr. Show'


CP: Did you guys recognize each other as future creative partners when you were writing The Ben Stiller Show together?

Odenkirk: No, I was a Korean comfort wife and David sent for me. I got mailed Federal Express over to L.A.

Cross: Yeah, I didn't put you together correctly at first. I don't know if you've ever gotten something from Ikea, but you can't really understand the instructions. So I put Bob together in the exact wrong way.

Odenkirk: Listen to this: My ass was inside my penis. Think about it.

Cross: Which I left, actually, 'cause I thought that was kind of interesting.


CP: And this became the basis for a relationship...that is currently long-distance?

Odenkirk: And getting longer! We're each walking in opposite directions! We'll see whoever gets to the ocean first.

And when we do the shows, David will be on the east side of the stage and I'll be on the west side of the stage.

Cross: Yeah. It suits our personalities, because Bob's a kind of laid-back surfer guy and he's totally about hangin' and chillin'...

Odenkirk: Dude, I'm totally about big-wave surfing. It's about "eat the wave."

Cross: Mmmmm. Nice.

Odenkirk: David's all about the New York literary world.

Cross: Yeah, I have a lot of Andover Prep Academy friends.

Odenkirk: Are you calling from the Harvard Club right now?

Cross: I'm calling from the Ye Olde Harvard Club, which is above the Harvard Club. And it's very strict. You have to wear two suits.

Odenkirk: Dude, I'm totally gonna hit the beaners. I'm gonna flip some schwanks today. But first I'm gonna start my day, my diddley day, with a little fishy-egg burreeetooooh. So you guys hang ten, or whatever it is you do.

Cross: I'm gonna go talk about Proust.

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