The Road to Everywhere

Aaron Cometbus's 20-year journey into the heart of underground America

I looked at him like he was insane. He ditched me.

I think I get it now.

Your story of being a wing nut may not be in Despite Everything--but, then, in a way, it may be. And after making your way through the anthology you may find yourself reflecting on your own Cometbus moments. I haven't seen Aaron in years now. He wrote me a postcard awhile back--the response to a letter I'd written him six years earlier--and at the bottom was a note: "Found this in the files, never threw it in the mail. Still seems appropriate."

Living hand-in-mouth: A cover of Aaron Cometbus's zine
Living hand-in-mouth: A cover of Aaron Cometbus's zine

The same thing could be said of 20 years of Cometbus, an anthology of perfect moments, and imperfect ones, and everything in between. But there's no reason in the world to wait another six years before finding that out for yourself.

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