Fun With Butterfish

A wave of small treasures at Nami

It seems to me like all the sushi combinations are quite a bargain, too, and hooray for them for offering both soup and salad with each mixed platter. You'll pay $11.95 at lunch for six nigiri sushi pieces, a maki sushi roll, miso soup, and a mixed salad. One dinner combination costs only $19.95 for ten nigiri pieces, a maki sushi roll, miso, and salad. Nami also features a full run of standard tempuras ($6.50 as an appetizer; $8.95 with soup, salad, and rice at lunch; $12.95 to $17.95 at dinner), teriyakis, and such. Everything I tried in that vein was perfectly fine. Service was impressively friendly and attentive for a brand-new place, and while the wine and sake lists need work, overall Nami is a very pleasant addition to downtown Minneapolis.

Really the only complaint I could make about the place is utterly esoteric, namely that Nami doesn't quite feel like anywhere yet. While all our other sushi spots of note have a palpable identity--the playful Tango, intimate Origami, genteel Sakura, neighborhood hangout Fuji-Ya--Nami so far just feels new.

Raw deal: Nami delivers great sushi at reasonable prices
David Kern
Raw deal: Nami delivers great sushi at reasonable prices

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251 1st Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Category: Restaurant > Japanese

Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)

But there I go, talking about the bigger things. And right after I promised not to. Is that fair? Hardly. Nami does a lot of little things right, and there comes a point in life when you must appreciate all those little things, the little butterfish, the little eels, or you will never have any fun at all.

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