News of the Weird

The Twins' on-field dramas continue to stretch credibility

3) Jeff Juden got an infection from a tattoo.

4) Larry Andersen strained a muscle getting out of a Jacuzzi.

5) Nolan Ryan missed a start after he was bitten by a coyote.

6) Roger Craig cut his hand on a bra strap.

7) Steve Sparks injured his shoulder trying to tear a telephone book in half.

8) Vince Coleman missed the 1985 World Series after he was rolled up in an on-field tarp machine.

9) Moises Alou (who reportedly most recently aggravated his hamstring "standing in the outfield") once suffered a knee injury when he ran over his son with a bicycle.

10) Dwight Gooden was hurt when a teammate, the aforementioned Vince Coleman, accidentally hit him with a golf club in the clubhouse.

Trivia Answers: In 1984 Andre David hit a home run in his first at bat as a Twin. He never hit another homer in the major leagues. Extra Credit: Dan Schatzeder.


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