Winning Ways

It was a very good week



DIAMOND ARCANA FROM Minnesota writer and baseball historian Stew Thornley: There has been only one triple play in baseball history in which the player who hit into it and the player who made the last putout both died of gunshot wounds. Can you name the two players? (Answer below)

SO MUCH FOR the platoon theory: Through the weekend series with Cleveland, J.C. Romero, Eddie Guardado, and Eric Milton have been hell on righthanded batters. Righthanders are batting just .133 against Guardado, .143 versus Romero, and .224 against Milton. Lefthanders have fared even worse against Romero, going 0 for 14.

WHILE THE TWINS have continued to struggle against lefthanded pitching, batting just .237 with one home run, they've been feasting on righthanders, hitting .307 with 22 home runs and a whopping .526 slugging percentage. Center fielder Torii Hunter is batting .460 against righthanded pitching and slugging .860, while leadoff hitter Jacque Jones is hitting .400 and slugging .655. The team is hitting .316 with runners on, .305 with runners in scoring position, .314 with an 0-2 count, and .450 with the bases loaded.

AFTER HIS TWO-homer game against the Indians Friday night, Twins catcher Tom Prince now has 20 career home runs and three two-homer games.

CONTRACTION WATCH: The Brewers have improved slightly under new manager Jerry Royster, and are now 7-12. In four consecutive games on their most recent home stand in their new retractable-roofed stadium, they drew fewer than 20,000. The Montreal Expos, meanwhile, are 11-8 and leading the National League East.

ANSWER: Twins outfielder Lyman Bostock hit into a triple play against the California Angels in 1977, with first baseman Tony Solaita making the final out. Bostock and Solaita both later died of gunshot wounds.


Brad Zellar will go Yard every Monday afternoon--and perhaps more often--for as long as he (and the Twins) are up to it.

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