The Peter Cottontail Liberation Army

It's high time you took your bunny seriously

Against the far wall of the kitchen is a four-plex of bunny hutches. The basement of this structure is largely dedicated to the comfort and well-being of Isabelle the 16-pound, auburn-colored, Flemish Giant. Isabelle's space is a fenced-off, carpeted area complete with a litter box dotted with really huge bunny scat. Campbell explains, "She's boarding with us right now. Her dad moved to Mexico and he's trying to get her imported into Mexico and there's been no end of problems." For much of the day, Isabel has the run of the living room. She hops up to a guest and demands that her head be petted--or at least stands around looking alluringly fluffy and rather irresistible. Her queen-sized girth makes a low, echoing thud on the floor when she hops.

The hutch tour continues to its second floor, which turns out to be a veritable bunny Melrose Place, complete with love triangle. Hulsey originally built a two-story rabbit dwelling for her bonded pair Sasha and Chester. The couple shared this home until irreconcilable differences disrupted their happy cohabitation, leaving them just as likely to tear each other's fur out as share a litter box. (In fact, a litter-box dispute seems to be at the heart of their disaffection.)

Sasha is wasting no time wallowing. She now has her lepus loins set on Tuxedo, the handsome Dutch in a nearby cage. "There are HRS members who think a bunny should never be caged." explains Campbell. "But it depends on your lifestyle and your bunny. We couldn't have Tuxedo as a non-caged bunny, because he thinks plastic and carpet are food groups. It wouldn't be safe for him."

The Easter Bunny...back with a vengeance! Isabelle, the 16-pound rabbit
Michael Dvorak
The Easter Bunny...back with a vengeance! Isabelle, the 16-pound rabbit

For his part, Tuxedo twitches his nose a little. His bunny brethren might still end up in a stew or as part of a coat, but his expression reveals no recognition of this fact: As a house rabbit at the vanguard of lepus liberation, Tuxedo has the privilege of being either nonchalant or utterly oblivious.

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