Stop, Look and Listen

Amélie Directs Our Attention to the Beauty of Everyday Details

Too beautiful for you: Audrey Tatou in 'Amélie'
Bruno Calvo
Too beautiful for you: Audrey Tatou in 'Amélie'

Not all Amélie's plans work out, and she also finds that those she helps end up helping her, too--which is always the way it goes. This is a fairy tale, for sure, but a healthy one. Most girly fairy tales are all about awakenings and makeovers--always at the hands of a fairy godmother or prince. In Amélie, the transformation is not in our heroine's appearance, but in her approach to the world. Her delicate values and subtle senses are too beautiful to be shut away in some damn tower--the world needs them too much. In this way, Amélie is the story of every artist--even the secret artist, whose work is still growing quietly in her heart.

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