That's Incredible

A production of the soldier's story Streamers looks for the nobler side of Vietnam

I imagine that, faced with this material, which expresses enormous, troubling ambivalence about race and homosexuality, director Kraklio panicked. Perhaps he thought there might one day be a Vietnam veteran in the audience who might stand up and cry out, "How dare you! I was in the battle of Chu Lai, I got spit on when I came back from the war, and this is what you show me?" And so, from the stage and in the programs, apologetic comments about how INCREDIBLE these men were. I prefer my art--however troubling--to be presented without cautiously worded caveats. You would think that 16 years after deciding that he must one day do this play, Kraklio would have been confident enough in the material to prevent it without apology. Not so.

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