Lifeless Party

Ultimately, David Dillon's revelers aren't very interesting

But again my expectations outstripped what the play is willing to offer, and these questions went unanswered. These men just want to take their clothes off and sing, like some sort of rough draft of the currently popular off-Broadway show Naked Boys Singing, and never mind the amyl nitrate or fetishism. How foolish I was to think that when people take repeated shots of some fruity vodka cocktail and strip off all their clothes, they might do more than kiss like teenagers, give backrubs, and chat about Broadway. David Dillon might argue that such an evening is pure fabulousness, but having cleaned up after an errant group of drunken drag queens, I can safely say that fabulousness begins much later at night than Party is willing to stay up, with behavior far wilder than Dillon is willing to show.

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