Immodest Proposal

With buckets of water and monstrous babies, Jeune Lune turns Gulliver's Travels into a woolly trip

As might be expected from a work that received stacks of revisions every day, filling Kling's backpack, the production still has some jarring shifts in tone. Serrand chose to push back the play's opening by two days, radically revising it during the preview process. As of opening night, imagination, like water, was abundant, but the exact intentions remained a bit flooded by the spectacle.

Water sports: Nathan Keepers as the young Gulliver
Water sports: Nathan Keepers as the young Gulliver

For now, Gulliver: A Swift Journey (as the play is called) has yet to reveal a sure destination. But the cast will continue to rehearse the show, Kling will continue to truck backpacks filled with revisions to the theater, and Serrand will continue to refine his vision of the play. At the end of its run this may be an entirely different journey altogether, but one, I am certain, that will remain abominably entertaining.

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