Nobody Loves Me

Can The Job's hard-to-like cop win the kindness of strangers?

Brisk ensemble playing ensures that the level of nasty byplay remains high here. "Get a hotel room, you cheap bastard" is the comfort you're likely to be offered if you spend a night in the station house due to marital discord. Though Bill Nunn doesn't have much to do beyond looking concerned and taking his wife's abuse, Lenny Clarke, as retiree-in-waiting Frank Harrigan, strikes a wonderfully bittersweet note of stumpy defeat, and all of Leary's co-workers effectively ignite off McNeil's slow burn.

And so, once again, the choice is yours. You can adore this show's bracing snarl and mourn its demise or nurse it along while abiding its occasional missteps--or ignore it wholesale and wait for another group of handsome adults in bikinis to turn up in a remote location, trailed by a team of cameras. Do it for Denis--with this guy, a little compassion goes a long way.

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