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Native Minnesotan filmmaker Katie Koskenmaki turns Vermont into the scary "Minnesota" of "The Windigo"

While it would be nice to see a "Minnesota" film that doesn't reduce its inhabitants to a pack of Wasp ice kings and queens ruling over a tundralike nothingness, it's not like we Minnesotans are any less culturally ignorant than others; after all, how many of us can really say anything substantive about our dear Canadian neighbors, even after multiple viewings of Strange Brew? But perhaps Koskenmaki, who is planning to move to L.A. to hunt for work after she graduates, will one day vindicate Minnesotans in need of a warmer representation.

Nowhere men: Allyn Burrows and Henry Leyva in "The Windigo"
Nowhere men: Allyn Burrows and Henry Leyva in "The Windigo"

"I would love to write a film set in the Twin Cities that really reflects the vibrancy of its arts and culture. And if I become the filmmaker I want to become, I would definitely move back to Minnesota. I love everything about that state, even waking up in the morning to the sounds of people shoveling."

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