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Heavy music's most promising subgenre offers a thrill for punks and metalheads alike

Anamnesis has been around for about a year and a half, according to bassist Chad Grill, and certainly comes by its kitchen-sink metalcore honestly. "We're more like a crossover band," he says. "I grew up on a lot of the old-school metal and death metal. Our singer is into punk and hardcore. Our drummer was a jazz drummer for years." And Grill admits that all these sounds go into the music. "I listen to a lot of metal, a lot of hardcore stuff like Earth Crisis or Sepultura. But every once in a while I'll pop in something like the Reverend Horton Heat."

"Friendship Lost" (now that's an emo song title) is the split EP's strongest track, with chunky riffs that propel singer Matt Davis's roar. He belts in classic grind style, with each word sounding pretty much like every other word. But for the most part, Anamnesis doesn't approach seriously fast tempos, which makes the band's slow-hardcore or heavy-emo vibe even more pronounced.

But that's the way metal goes: all these substrates bubbling up and recombining; all these bands looking for new ways to annoy girlfriends, fry amps, and ruin vocal chords.

Anamies of the state: Local grindcore warriors Anamnesis
Anamies of the state: Local grindcore warriors Anamnesis


Anamnesis perform Tuesday, February 20 with Sublevel, Black Flood Diesel, and Liquid at the Quest Ascot Room; (612) 338-3383.

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