Who Let the 'Dogs Out?

Four years and three labels after recording their third album, the Honeydogs actually get a chance to release it

Even more indicative of the band's sound is "Losing Transmissions," with its intricate Pet Sounds choir intro suggesting that Adam Levy is more ambitious with his arrangements than with his lunch. The deceptively jubilant melody prances about like a pop parade for the oppressed, while lyrics such as "We bruised the stars/But the world ain't ours/Anymore" recall another local band poised for national success yet handicapped by major-label mishandling.

Soldiers of fortune: The Honeydogs
Soldiers of fortune: The Honeydogs

Noah and Adam would be loath to agree that the Honeydogs are some sort of replacement Replacements--they feel as if comparisons to their local influences have been, as Noah puts it, "shoved down our throats." But songs like "Losing Transmissions" do coin Westerberg-worthy phrases ("First we rob Peter, then we suckerpunch Paul") even as the Honeydogs fill a crucial niche in the post-'Mats local scene: an honest, dedicated band who make integrity and ambition their strongest selling points. And I'm pleased to report that the riff of "Losing Transmissions" recalls, fittingly enough for a band forced to endure so many delays, "Can't Hardly Wait."

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