Dead Games

Halloween ain't no spectator sport around here

In the various studios, masked Romper Room types lead hyperactive tots in creative seasonal crafts. The most popular room is musical shaker making. Instructor Janis Lane-Ewart demonstrates the multiple uses of paper towel rolls, complimenting youngsters on their work. A blue M&M and a Britney Spears are twisting wire sculptures in the studio next door, while a Tweety Bird refuses to leave her mother's arms to join the scavenger hunt, having spotted two boys identically dressed as the monster from Scream.

We can't leave without taking a peek at the 200-pound pumpkin in the painting studio, where we're invited to paint a pumpkin with artist Karla Lenzin. We decline, but Lenzin is persuasive. "Come on," she insists with genuine Halloween spirit. "You know, you're never too old."

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