The End of the World Is Near

It's about the protrusion, not the circumference


Name: xana Age: 21 Location: san Francisco Date: 09/11/00

how does body perks compare to naturally cold, hard nipples? FOR VISUAL APPEAL AND SELF CONFIDENCE... could one tell that you were wearing plastic nipples ...? NO, THEY LOOK PERFECTLY NATURAL..... will body perks ever slide off of your own real nipple in the advent that your own natural ones get cold and hard?? BODY HEAT KEEPS THEM IN PLACE AND THEY DO NOT MOVE ONCE YOU ARE "ALIGNED"... can men wear body perks? I GUESS IF THEY INSIST.... are they glued on? BODY HEAT/SHEER BRA HOLDS THEM IN PLACE... do you have to remove them during sex? THEY ARE PACKAGED IN A NICE VELVET BAG SO WE SAY TAKE OFF LONG BEFORE THIS IS A REALITY AND NO ONE IS THE WISER ...


Name: Cindy Age: 43 Location: MI. Date: 09/08/00

I think you should make different sizes, afterall how can they fit a 32aa,and a 36d? ANSWER: BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT THE PROTRUSION, NOT THE CIRCUMFERENCE.


Name: Location: Date: 09/01/00

You've convinced me: this is the end of the world. Damn, I was so hoping to skydive one day.


Name: Snapey Age: ?? Location: UK Date: 09/01/00

Scandalous!!! First mass deception with the wonder-bra now wonder- nipples. Whatever next?
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Name: James Portanova Age: 51 Location: NYC Date: 08/31/00

I saw an article about your product in today's Daily News and was incredibly turned on, not by the effect of the product itself, but the idea that a woman would deliberately buy and use something to make herself appear sexually aroused. That is the real turn-on, the explicit, sex-positive self-expression. She's saying "I like sex, I want to get noticed and to turn men on." That is a very powerful aphrodisiac. You guys have tapped into something much deeper and primitive in the male psyche than you think. Seeing an attractive woman in a tight t-shirt has always been my #1 fetish. Seeing her wearing a t-shirt bra using your bodyperks would probably give me cardiac arrest. Too much. Amazing. Does Playboy know about this? And by the way, it wouldn't bother me at all to discover after the fact that she was using your product. The worst news would be that if I've gotten that far, I've already reached the promised land. By using BodyPerks, a woman is announcing that she feels good about herself and is saying "Hey, I'm a babe." And she doesn't have to do anything other than wear them. It's a silent, automatic lighthouse beacon beckoning all males within viewing distance to get happy. Now guys have a new pick up line: "Are you wearing BodyPerks, or are you just happy to see me?"


Name: Tracy M. Age: 39 Location: Long Island NY Date: 08/29/00

I admit I was skeptical but I wore these out this past Saturday night to a resturant and then a club (I was with a steady date). He could not figure out what was giving me such a "sparkly look" but let's just say between my attitude and how good these looked in my dress....a really great night was the result. I'll pass the word. p.s. a friend bought these for me as a "joke" and now she wants to try them for real!


Name: Madeline Age: 36 Location: Chicago Date: 08/21/00

Hi Ladies, I only have one word for these: FUN! So many smiles when I wore these on Sat night. I had a tastefully chic outfit and these just added the right amt of sizzle. look for Chicago orders because I am telling my best gal pals...


Name: Lisa, Hair designer Age: 39 Location: Seattle Washington Date: 08/14/00

I recenty took my bodyperks on a trip to vegas, my girlfriends were all fighting over them, they loved them, Everyone wants to feel a little naughty sometime....


Name: Catherine Age: 60 Location: St.Paul, MN. Date: 08/01/00

Can't believe the fun I had last night at the Ordway Theater. What a great feeling to be noticed again, and feel this sexy at age 60. Thanks

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