The End of the World Is Near

It's about the protrusion, not the circumference

From a September 1 press release: "What started out as a 'girls' weekend' in Las Vegas for two Minnesota entrepreneurs has resulted in the design of an intriguing new product intended to make women's breasts appear more alluring. Called bodyperks, the product is a silicone nipple enhancer that affixes to a woman's own nipples and are worn with a bra....

"The idea for bodyperks was spawned by [Lori] Barghini and five other women as they gathered in Las Vegas in April of 1999 to celebrate their birthdays. As they preened for a night of fun at the casinos, one of the women as a joke, removed the bottle caps from the freebie bottles of shampoo in the hotel room and placed them over her nipples. The effect garnered the attention of the other women, who did the same....

"[Wearing the 'nipples' out in public] drew so much attention during the remainder of the weekend that the idea evolved from bottle caps to the skillfully engineered product now trademarked as bodyperks."

From the bodyperks Web site ( "The possibilities for fun are endless! Whether you're out on the town or playing volleyball, bodyperks comfortably stay in place and give you the added attraction of playful, fun breasts. You'll feel and look sexy! Give your natural assets a lift--try bodyperks today! Only $19.95 plus shipping and handling...

"Why be perky? It's a noticeable difference! The second you place bodyperks over your nipples you'll notice the sexy enhancement to your nipples and breasts. It's simple! Your breasts will have a playful look without the need for cosmetic surgery or uncomfortable push-up bras. bodyperks will make you look and more importantly feel sexy."

Without further ado, the testimonials:


Name: ANNETTE EIGHMY Age: 36 Location: ST. JOSEPH MO. Date: 10/10/00

I think there just great. I may even get some to try. I know my hunny would just love them. But dont you think that other women would give you a bad time? You know how women are, always the first to make bad comments about someone, even if they know they would if they could....


Name: Jon & Kimi in the Morning Location: KCDA Mix 103.1 Spokane, Wa. Date: 10/10/00 site. Came across it in our radio prep. Interviews? Promo nips? Love to chat. (509)448- 9900, or: Mix 103.1, 5106 S. Palouse Hwy., Spokane, Wa 99223. Happy nipply to you and yours!!


Name: Brent Mlika Age: 24 Location: Kansas City MO Date: 10/10/00

I love NIPPLIES so I think that this a great thing not just for women but for men to enjoy also.


Name: Renee Age: 40 Location: Washington, DC Date: 10/01/00

I love these things! I was not quite sure what to think when my husband gave them to me, but I figured, OK, I'd put them on to humor him. We went to a big party last evening, and I don't recall the last time I got so many compliments! From now on, I'll think of them as a standard accessory, like perfume, ear rings, or lipstick.


Name: P. Jones Age: 37 Location: PA Date: 09/22/00

Perk up your life, girls! Wearing these things to the bar sure generates looks and approaches from ALL the guys!!!


Name: Trudy Jaynes Age: 37 Location: Waynesville, NC Date: 09/20/00

I'm a post-mastectomy patient and my nipple reconstruction failed TWICE! I wish I had a pair of these so I could feel sexy underneath it all again!


Name: Tom Miller Jr. Age: 23 Location: Miami FL Date: 09/20/00

I love these friggin' things..When I go out with my girl, it looks like she's perpetually smuggling raisins..oh the stares..I love it!


Name: Manuel Rincon Age: 33 Location: Federal Way, WA Date: 09/19/00

I think this is a great idea, I was just talking to my wife about this last week..She has no nips..this is cool.


Name: Brandi Dunlap Age: 24 Location: Baltimore, WA Date: 09/14/00

I really love these things! I perform nightly at a local venue, and BodyPerks are a perfect addition to my ensemble. They're so good, I may even not consider surgery!


Name: Donna Age: 40 Location: Washington State Date: 09/14/00

These things are the greatest! I've never had the attention that I have now! It's all Good.


Name: Lil Age: 26 Location: Sweet Date: 09/14/00

I can't believe the difference these things make--my boyfriend practically pounced on me when he saw my 'nipple state.'


Name: Sophia Age: 29 Location: Denver Date: 09/13/00

love your idea, waiting for my pair and alittle more attention from men!


Name: Jerry Giovinazzo Age: 29 Location: New York Date: 09/13/00

I am in the clothing trade and would love to learn more about your product.


Name: Ginger Age: 57 Location: Brainerd MN Date: 09/12/00

I saw your ad in the Strib, and I gotta tell you, there is a whole big market you are missing. Two years ago I had a mastectomy, and a TRAM reconstruction. The nipple reconstruction didn't work too well; it went rather flat. I looked for two years for 'fake' nipples and these look like they would do it! All I wanted was to lok the same on both sides. My 'normal' side is perky enough, but the reconstructed site is flat. I'm not going to order them, because sadly, my cancer has metastasized and I expect to live only 2-10 months. But I thought you should have the idea, anyway, to visit reconstructive surgeons to market your product. Good luck to you.

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