Show of Force

In the campaign to bolster troop morale, the military deploys a tactical weapon: The songs of Saturday Night Fever

This cast of soldiers flies in a "rickety tin can" of an airplane to Bosnia, for example, and spends a few hours reminding lonesome soldiers of what Americans are like when they sing and dance. This is not Broadway, where even plays that close after one night have some sort of story. This is the army, where exhausted men and women--many of them still teenagers--plug away at grueling jobs in unfamiliar cities, obeying orders and wishing like hell that they were home. Productions like The U.S. Army Soldier Show are exactly what they seem to be: tactical weapons in the battle against homesickness.

As for me: I loved this show, and give it a 21-gun salute. After all, when actors boast expertise in artillery, sidearms, and hand-to-hand combat, a favorable review is a foregone conclusion.


The U.S. Army Soldier Show plays July 28 and 29 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; 1-800-USA-ARMY.

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