21st-Century Fox

For two years, the all-ages Foxfire Coffee Lounge has ignited the new music scene. Now its owner says the doors may have to close.

"It would be really, really horrible if the Foxfire closed," Pedro says. "And I'll do anything to help them out. But this happens. It happened to Coffee Shock just as it was starting to get a good name and draw business. I've seen it happen to places all over the country."

Before Sense Field begins, the Streetwise guys move on to their next mission, and the few coffee drinkers in the front room go into the back just in time to see singer Jonathan Bunch warmly thank the audience for coming and execute a skyward leap. This kicks off a song loud enough to make your ribs vibrate. In fact, the band is relentlessly loud, with a classic, Black Flag sound; they're good, and the show is close to sold out. But the kids are weirdly mellow. No one is moshing, although the room shows its approval with a collective lean toward the stage. When the band cranks, the lean turns into a bob. But it's pretty subtle. It's as if these young fans don't really know what to do at a concert yet. It's all so new.


Grotto, Rank Strangers, Malachi Constant, and Rocket House perform on Friday, April 21 at the Foxfire Coffee Lounge. End Transmission, Capital! Capital, Haymarket Riot, and Hero of a Hundred Fights perform Saturday, April 22; (612) 338-2360.

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