Rage Within the Machine

Bosses are using digital technology to monitor workers as never before. And as never before, workers are striking back.

I saw a manager surfing vault.com


Author: John Q. Customer

John Pritchett

Subject: Good Company

American Express employees in the field do a great job. I am a customer of American Express Financial and have received excellent service that I recommend to others. Bad news is that when I dealt with Minneapolis, I got trashed by rude people in client relations. Overall, a good company with good people and products.


Author: Honest Abe

Subject: Watch out Mr. Consumer

I cannot believe the transparency of the 'john q public' propaganda. There is no truth in his words....


Author: Tacky is what I think, when I think of AMEX

Subject: When I worked there

When I worked there, they didn't pay for anything. The employees did. We paid for all books, and testing fees. We paid for leads, and what I hated most was the way they referred to potential customers. A soon to be retired person or someone in need of real help was known as "low hanging fruit."


Author: Ben Dover

Subject: Low Hanging Moon

When you used to work here? That says a lot pal. I've known many folks that couldn't make it with their company so they left and then cried about how tough it was or how mean the company was. Stand up and take responsibility for the fact that you were unable to be self-motivated, self-disciplined, hard working and successful. Not everyone can be their own boss. By the way, how are things at Wal-Mart?


Author: Bend this, asshole!

Subject: Real understanding

Real understanding message!! Just because everyone can't be an almighty AE financial advisor, don't rag on them because they can't hack it. It's not for everyone.



Author: KC

Subject: The Cargill Environment

Everyone at Cargill is very nice and cordial, but so serious! It's hard to picture them having lives outside of work. I think that's true with a lot of professional people...they get so used to acting a certain way at work that they no longer have any other side to them. That's true at Cargill. Can't we all just lighten up


Author: Jim

Subject: Cargill Work Culture

Reading the messages on Cargill culture, I believe the message is skewed by the fact the writers are specialists in the Minneapolis headquarters. There are a great many of Cargill Alumni who started with Cargill right out of college and then left to join other companies where a life outside of work is possible...In the position I held, I was the sole corporate spear chucker for a huge chunk of company assets in the middle of nowhere. Pay was lousy. Taking vacation was disloyal and almost impossible because no one was there to take the responsibility handoff.


Author: Former employee

Subject: I would have to concur.

I would have to concur with Jimbo...You're not going to find anything inventive or cutting edge. They're staid, conservative and boring. This is a company where the never discussed kiss-of-death in the Wayzata corporate office for males is to have facial hair. It's a sign that one's career is going nowhere....


Author: Current employee

Subject: Cargill Culture

The descriptions I've read here are very different from my experience...There are some great places to work in Cargill. I'm in one of them. P.S. I don't know what the facial hair comment was about. Two vice-presidents in my division have mustaches, as do about 15 percent of our staff.


Author: Ravishi Kavish

Subject: Prestigious-Yes!

I heard thru the grapevine that General Mills is in fact super prestigious. I guess the Pillsbury Dough Boy's got some clout....


Author: Sara A. Parker

Subject: correction

Pillsbury created the Pillsbury Dough Boy, not General Mills. Kind of logical, right? The only thing the two have in common is a competitive streak and a homebase in Minneapolis.


Author: KAB

Subject: GIS vs Pillsbury

Pillsbury doesn't exist anymore, [it is] only a marketing division of a larger co. GIS is growing and healthy and has eaten Kellogg for lunch.



Author: Ex-employee

Subject: Some thoughts

As a former employee, I would say whether you choose to work for Pillsbury depends on your interests. If you are a marketing or operations guy, Pillsbury is definitely the place to be in....But if you're a finance guy, double check your idea.


Author: Ex-Summer MBA Intern

Subject: MIS is horrible at Pillsbury

I would categorize Pillsbury MIS as trailing edge with poor management and lack of structure. The entire recruiting process was very unprofessional. Don't expect competitive salaries either.


Author: Joe

Subject: Terrible Place

This is a terrible place to work...from my own experience and those of others. If you can, go somewhere else.

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