The Biggest Nightclub in Town?

U of M officials say all-ages bar nights send "the wrong message"--unless, of course, they make money for the school

City Pages' calls to U of M president Mark Yudof were referred to Eric Kruse, vice president of university services; according to Yudof's secretary, the president was too busy fielding questions about the men's basketball scandal. "I think the university has a very effective public-health program," says Kruse. "My understanding is that [the task force is] not about prohibition, they're about being responsible and accountable. We're actually going to use materials that Traci Toomey and others have put together to make sure our police department and the vendors at Northrop are properly trained."

Hogwash, says the Licensed Beverage Association's Farrell. "A year ago they were telling us that we couldn't do a good job of managing all-ages events, and we believed them. Now they're doing the same thing--and you can't tell me some vendor is going to do a better job of controlling the crowd than a group of bar owners who between them have well over 100 years of experience.

Bar owners like Danny O'Gara say the university betrayed them
Michael Dvorak
Bar owners like Danny O'Gara say the university betrayed them

"First it was the basketball scandal," the university graduate fumes, "now this. I'll tell you something, I won't be applying for my membership to the alumni association anytime soon."

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