Lobster Man

From a strip-mall office on the Twin Cities fringe, a lab researcher-turned-Bible radio star lectures the nation

Today one caller is interested in the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990 and a recent Creation Moments installment, "Feathered Pilots," that compared a Boeing 767 with a bird in flight. Strombeck digs up the relevant script, which describes how young birds follow the same landing sequences as a Boeing jet. "The principles of flight [were] refined by over 80 years of man's experience," it concludes, "[but] simply taught to the birds by our loving Creator."

Todd Mitchell

Before leaving the Twin Cities on just such a jet, Strombeck's boss offers a parting caution on the excommunication of Galileo. Sure, he notes, the hierarchy that condemned his discoveries was Roman Catholic, not nondenominational like Creation Moments. Still, Taylor muses, "Galileo is a warning to the church not to be dogmatic about things they know nothing about. What is theory today could be dogma tomorrow.

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