The Dearth of Dyke Cinema

"The problems of lesbian directors," Rich argues, "are compounded by the perception that their audiences just don't care. The theory goes, 'Why invest the money if nobody wants to see it?' But I go to festivals all over the world, and the lesbian audience is among the most dedicated anywhere. Movies like Go Fish and Two Girls in Love proved that this audience would turn out."

"I could make an entire career quite comfortably by just doing gay and lesbian movies," says Troche. "No one's done a lesbian spaghetti Western in outer space--which wouldn't be the worst-case scenario for me. But what troubles me is that even when you find--or write--a really smart script, which almost doesn't exist today, people are still unwilling to give you five million dollars to make that movie."

Making an exception: Bedrooms and Hallways director Rose Troche
Making an exception: Bedrooms and Hallways director Rose Troche

Rich believes that even accomplished lesbian directors aren't likely to outgun Tinseltown any time soon. "Lesbians have their very own Hollywood dilemma," she says. "Gay men may be gay, but they're still men. Lesbians may be women but, even worse, they're lesbians."

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