Hard Labor and Other Pretty Things

The photograph as documentary; the photograph as idealism

Some of the strongest pieces in the show are photographs of these landscapes: desert sand dunes, waterfalls, and icebergs that Metzner has visited in her travels. "Alaska Iceberg" features an enormous outcropping of pastel purple, blue, and gray ice, set against a darkened, cloud-streaked sky. Of this iconic picture, Metzner says, "The image of the iceberg is like a god to me. It's a kind of reminder of greater powers, greater forces, and greater energies that you can come in contact with."


Stephen Dahl's "Silhouette of House Keeper"
Stephen Dahl's "Silhouette of House Keeper"

Stephen Dahl's "Working" is on display at pARTS Photographic Arts through October 24; (612) 824-5500. Sheila Metzner's photographs are showing at the Weinstein Gallery through October 23; (612) 822-1722.

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