Park and Ride

Britt Robson, August 9, 1995


In the eyes of the public and press alike, he was seen as too arrogant, too cheap, too corporate. Now, with the Vikings en route to their seventh consecutive win, the 62-year-old Headrick regards the team's sudden flush of success with mixed emotions. And why not? In more than a few ways...the best Viking team in at least 20 years is his.

Mike Mosedale, October 28, 1998


Larry Fitzgerald: It is personal in Minnesota with respect to Dennis [Green]. When [Star Tribune sports columnist] Dan Barreiro called him Dennis Amin Dada and Denny Dada, it almost made me throw up. You are talking about a guy from Uganda who is a dictator, who killed people savagely. And when [Pioneer Press sports columnist] Bob Sansevere says Dennis Green reminds him of a cockroach, and when [Star Tribune sports columnist] Patrick Reusse calls Dennis Green delusional....

Ray Richardson: I am sort of in the middle of this because I work for [the Pioneer Press] and I am having a hard time with my loyalties and my professional work ethics....Me and Bob [Sansevere] always considered each other fairly good friends. But that is strained because I know what he is doing now. I know Bob hates Dennis, hates him with a passion. And for two reasons: One, because he thinks Dennis is a bad person, and secondly because Dennis is black and he's got power, which is almost like a white man's worst fear. It is something a lot of journalists can't accept.

Britt Robson (interviewer), January 14, 1998


If someone wants to kill the president," [Vikings] offensive coordinator Brian Billick says, "they can, if they don't mind giving up their own life. If you want to stop our passing game, you can do it. But you better hope we're not handing the ball off to Robert Smith on that play."

John Pribek, September 2, 1998

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