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Nellie Stone Johnson, November 25, 1995


As an English-Italian- Scots-Corsican-French Canadian-Choctaw-American-White-Male- Heterosexual-Catholic-Cheesehead, I object to Julie Caniglia's denigration of Identity Art. You can't imagine (because you are not me) the trauma I experienced when I entered City Pages' usually safe space of representation and felt her bourgeois notions of "aesthetics" and "narrative" leap off the page to oppress me.

Say, if I keep this up long enough, do you think I could get a grant?

Barry Hamill, May 1, 1996


I just wanted to thank you for not using the expression "give props to," anymore in your newspaper. And I also wanted to ask if you could, in the same way, stop using the expression "you go, girl." It's so annoying. If you could get on this quickly, that'd be great.

Alex Kranjec, February 19, 1997


I would like to thank Stern Publishing for taking my favorite rag and filling it with more friendly articles that aren't so hurtful to others like the governor. And a strong thank-you for three City Beat stories per week; all that news used to make my head hurt. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside upon seeing more and more bar ads. A newspaper shouldn't be so quick to afflict the comfortable but promote bars. So now I can proclaim City Pages as my favorite bar rag. Thank you, Stern Publishing.

Joshua Lee, July 1, 1998


How I despise filthy liars like you, Brad Zellar. You say the pitchers were inferior in 1930. No way, you jerk. The hitters were so far greater than those scums now....Did a jerk like you ever hear of Rogers Hornsby, Mel Ott, Joe Medwick, Goose Goslin? Then there was of course Babe Ruth, who hit the most home runs ever in a single season (that scum Roger Maris was just a vastly overrated bum; and this jerk who strikes out roughly 160 times per season, your scum Mark McGwire, couldn't tie Ruth's shoelaces).

Anybody who thinks these present scums are so great is nothing but a phony, deluded idiot. You never saw those greats, so it behooves you to shut your filthy mouth, since you don't know what the hell you are talking about....A jerk like you doesn't know the answer to the question: Who was the greatest player of all time? It is so damnably easy--and any other answer would make the person belong in a nuthouse far away from harm--the greatest player by far out of sight was the great Georgia Peach, Tyrus Raymond Cobb....With Ty Cobb, nobody would ever get him out. With this strike zone, his strikeouts would be zero, and he'd bat at least .800. Ruth, trying to concentrate more on egg foo yungs, might bat only .700, and many others would bat from .400 to .600....

It gets me so boiling in rage and anger when I see you don't know what the hell you're talking about, so I say shut your filthy mouth since you never saw those players. And many of them I did. The old-time baseball players would kill these scums. It would be such a huge bloodbath, a massacre to end all massacres, a slaughter which you could never imagine. It would be so damnably one-sided it would make Custer's last stand look like a picnic.

John Rickard, July 29, 1998

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