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Barry Mauer, January 11, 1989


In his essay, Mr. Hampton constructs, deconstructs, but unfortunately fails to reconstruct his theses on Ciccone (never mind Feuerbach) in a passionless play which prosaically marries the excesses of post-structuralist analysis to a kind of manual self-manipulation only fully underscored by Roland Barthes himself (see: Le Plaisir du Texte). What unfolds beneath his moist fingertips is a "texte"-book case of misanthrodistextia: misguided and finally indecipherable words--symbols congregate loosely to deliver us an exercise in pedantry--emotionally incoherent and narratively polymorphous. "Engagingly oblique" and dense with density, our ill-fated manifesto manifests nothing but a muddled nightmare in unfocused Super-8. What would Madonna say?

Eric Tretbar and Christine Nelson, June 7, 1989


In the past 13 months, Twin Cities police have shot in the back and killed: one black boy, two Asian boys, one mentally handicapped man, and one civilian review board.

Mark Weigle, December 26, 1990


Regarding your article on how to obtain free time from parking meters: This is perhaps one of the most irresponsible articles your paper has ever published. Cities through normal maintenance spend enough money just keeping the meters working. Your article has probably increased that expense....People get into trouble enough on their own without your help.

Ofcr. Lee A. North, U of M Police Department, July 1, 1992


I wish you people would just come out of your closet and put the word gay in front of City Pages, because obviously many members of your staff are gay, and have many friends who are, and probably you all hang around Loring Park....I'll grant you that being gay doesn't automatically make you a bad person, but it definitely doesn't make you a good person either.

Anonymous, July 28, 1993



I disagree with something one of your writers

said. Never mind what, exactly--assume that it was something about race, gender, politics, war, or art.

When you print my letter, will you please be sure to give it a sarcastically dismissive title that attempts to reduce my point of view to the form of bigotry of which you believe it is symptomatic? Thank you.

Steve Schroer, August 4, 1993


As an intelligent person, I became pretty enraged just being fed sappy, clichéd, Minnesota-white p.c. masturbatory claptrap trying to sound hipper and gravellier than Tom Waits: "...the Friday night hustle is on rack"; "...the bowels of the Como Zoo"; "...gangstas cruising by hittin' on the hotties." These don't even merit the scowl a young person would give their grandpa for trying out the newest slang, they're so numb-brained.

Becky Wallace, June 15, 1994


Another City Pages issue, another missive from Steve Perry lamenting how misunderstood the poor militias are. Even the "nominally liberal" press is out to make them a "bogeyman." Is this because the bible of the camouflaged freedom fighters is the Turner Diaries, a tale of mass slaughter of liberals and Jews? Or perhaps because a fellow traveler got caught vaporizing a daycare center full of kids? No, the liberal phonies have it in for the militias because liberals don't have a clue what "grassroots America is up to"....

With the continued implosion of the left, its dwindling members can take comfort telling themselves "the periphery" has stepped forth to carry on their cause. Why not really try and find out? Instead of giving us the usual throwaway political musings, why not drive up to Militia land in the Cabinet Mountains of Montana and talk to them? ...Find out for your readers just how interested the militiamen are in the gang peace summit and radical queer issues. I dare you.

Elmer "Bud" Swanson, August 2, 1995


I've been a Minneapolis resident for the past 21 years. Since I've lived here, almost nothing has affected me as drastically as the current MCTO transit strike....In following the news coverage of the bus strike on radio and TV, I've been very upset by the scarcity of coverage dealing with the effect the strike has been having on the low-income population....While there have been numerous stories on the feared increase in traffic congestion and parking problems...there has been little attention paid to the stories of people who have lost their jobs because they can't get to work, or who haven't been able to see their doctors and get to vital medical appointments. I think that the media should treat this strike as more than a minor inconvenience to drivers.

Tony Wentersdor [and 41 co-signers], October 25, 1995


For over 50 years black people have had their babies, raised their families, and buried their dead in the near north area of Minneapolis. Now, before I meet my maker, I see what it all comes down to: the liberals selling out the only black land we have ever known in Minneapolis to a bunch of development interests, with black leaders from the mayor to our community organizations falling in line.

Shame on the Minneapolis NAACP for participating in this terrible attack on our community. Shame on the NAACP for allowing itself to be used by the City and the other parties to the Hollman "settlement" to make it appear that this theft of our land has the approval of black people. It does not.

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