Two for the Show

Amy Toscani sizes up sculpture; Carol Padberg pictures quilting and collage

Because the seven working artists elected to sit on MAEP's panel follow a majority-rule voting process when deciding what to show in the Minnesota Artists Room, it's often the case that there is no apparent logic as to which two artists get paired together. Still, such seemingly arbitrary minglings can be quite effective, especially when the featured coupling echoes and intensifies the unique aspects of both artists' work. That serendipity, as much as Toscani and Padberg's individual visions, makes this show all the more provocative, and--much to the artists' delight--all the more fun.


Amy Toscani's "Tasty" (1999)
Amy Toscani's "Tasty" (1999)

Padberg/Toscani runs at the Minnesota Gallery in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts through June 27; (612) 870-3000.

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