Creative Dementia

Penumbra Theatre and Fully Reciprocal Theatre discover that an artist's inspiration is a rambling mother

As the Dickensian sobriquets suggest, The Maderati tends heavily toward broad satire. Occasionally the gags seem sophomoric: Dewy and Cuddles are outrageous drama queens, Keene responds to everything by falling asleep, and Ritt wanders into the back of Martin's apartment and muses, "If I were you, I'd live in this closet." Yet Greenberg hits more often than he misses, with trenchant parodies of bourgeois angst.

Fully Reciprocal's uniformly outstanding cast plays it all perfectly, skipping through the gleefully frivolous comedy of errors with the grace of a seasoned comic troupe. If the personality disorders of the yuppie eventually wear thin, The Maderati makes us appreciate our narrow escape into the decade of Zoloft.


The One-Act Celebration runs through May 9 at Penumbra Theatre; (651) 224-3180.The Maderati runs through May 1 at Cedar-Riverside People's Center; (651) 257-7265.

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