Once Upon a Time in the West

Thomas Berger's Little Big Man, Jack Crabb, returns to the saddle and the great legends of the frontier

How the West was spun: Novelist Thomas Berger
How the West was spun: Novelist Thomas Berger

Near the end of the Wild West tour, Jack, having watched Cody's replications of Custer's Last Stand and other events he has lived through, muses that "I could start my own exhibition just on the basis of places I been and the famous people I knowed at the most important times so far as history goes." So he could, and so he has. And so he may still. On the final page, he leaves to take a nap, promising, "If I ever wake up, you sure will hear the rest of my story." Butch Cassidy, the Dalton Gang, and maybe Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders? Let's hope Jack Crabb's final memoirs don't take 35 more years to see print.

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