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Kate Sullivan's Exquisite/Painful Moments Onstage for 1998


1. Tracey Maloney and Jay Dysart standing in the rain together, obliquely confessing their love, in Hidden Theatre's Disturbed by the Wind.

Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love
Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love

2. Leif Jurgensen climbing the walls of a phone booth in 15 Head's meFausto. As he tries to reach his loved one, her answering-machine greeting plays on in a nightmarish loop, cutting him off every time he's about to leave a message.

3. Audience members at Hennepin County Women's Prison cheering for Signe Albertson when she spurns the sexual advances of a corrupt judge in Ten Thousand Things' Measure for Measure.

4. Brian Goranson, T. Mychael Rambo, and Michael Tezla performing Allen Ginsberg's "America," mining its stand-up potential with a Groucho Marxian roll of the eyes in Illusion Theater's Angelheaded Hipster.

5. Beth Gilleland's monologue about watching her husband fall in love with his niece in Eye of the Storm's How I Learned to Drive.


1. The final, interminable playlet by John Guare, in Love's Fire, performed by the Acting Company at the Guthrie Lab.

2. The somnolent second half of Molly Sweeney at the Guthrie Lab.

3. Laurie Carlos's seemingly improvised and incoherent performance piece for "Three Women at the Fore," in the Walker's "Out There" series.

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