The Bars That Bind

Eight years for burglary. Eighteen for rape. Life for murder. Five women talk about doing time with their men behind bars.

In the beginning I was, like, "Oh, I wish it would hurry up, hurry up, because I want my baby home." Now that it's sitting right here in front of my face, I don't want it. I don't. I don't. Come the 26th he's going to be right here in my house--an extra body. I've been by myself this long, you know? Only thing I come to is that I can hop on a plane and leave, and he can't go nowhere if he's paroled here. The other thing is, I know a lot of people Boo never had the chance to meet. I've been preparing him--letting him see photos I've accumulated of different people, so when they walk up on me, he'll know them. But I still see all hell breaking loose on the 26th.

Mary Fallon

Because of good behavior, they're releasing him early--he wasn't supposed to get out until February 1999. And I'm wrecking every nerve. Oh, God, give me strength. I know him, but after all this time apart, I really don't. I told him if he ever goes to jail again, I'll be there, but I'd just have to move on with my life. I do feel sorry for other women who are just getting into this. I wouldn't wish this on nobody. Their nightmare is just starting.

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