And Take Your Canvas with You!

A booming real estate market paints an ugly picture for the future of artists and galleries in Northeast Minneapolis

For now, though, the arts scene in Northeast seems to stand at a crossroads, as artists plan new schemes to show their work, while they evaluate the viability of remaining in the neighborhood. "I don't think it's all over in Northeast," says Perry Ingli. "Artists will continue to feel pressure, but the scene is evolving. Artists are showing their work, in their own studios now because so many galleries have failed. They're doing what it takes."

"We have to figure out a way to buy buildings or we'll be gone," says Padilla, who is considering moving out of Northeast soon if things do not improve. And that seems to be, for many artists and gallery owners who can't survive in the current economy, the final option.

Sean Smuda

"And the artists end up where?" asks Padilla sarcastically. "Coon Rapids?"

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