Age of Innocence

After Angelo lays down his most immodest proposal, Isabella threatens, "I'll tell what kind of man thou art." But Hendrickson's Angelo is hooked on power. His joy is palpable as he calmly responds, "Who will believe you?" But Angelo is no pure villain in this world where no character can claim to be a hero, and we're left wondering whether there is any goodness at all. At the play's end, Isabella is left bewildered, desperate, and angry, crying, "Justice! Justice! Justice!" We want justice for all, too, but by the time this play is through, justice seems less possible than before.

Picasso at the Lapin Agile plays at the Theater Garage through December 13; 339-4949.Measure for Measure will run at Spacespace through November 16 and at various locations through November 23; 724-4494.

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