From Flannel to Glitter

Yanni rocks the keyboards--and other odd tales from the Twin Cities' glam-rock scene

Yet Grandell, who has also been a painter and performance artist for years, argues that the transition to the immediate art of rock 'n' roll has led to a much more satisfying avenue for self-expression. "Painting is too boring," he says. "I want to be the art, I want to be living in it." Likewise, being a prominent transgender figure in rock 'n' roll also makes for more pronounced political impact than in the insulated performance art world. "With the band, I'm meeting more regular people who have to deal with me," he says. "It's also easier for me to weather oppression and discrimination if I know I'm going to perform that night. When you have four-inch heels on, you can do anything."

All the Pretty Horses perform Friday at Club Metro; 489-0002. The Odd perform Friday at 7th Street Entry, and Cheap Trick perform Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at First Avenue; 338-8388.

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