Kicking, rushing, and not passing for straight. The Saloon Bombers, Minneapolis's own gay football team, ranks right beside the NFL these days--in injuries. Joining Johnson, Aikman, and Elway on the sidelines is Chris Petersen, a defensive lineman with the Bombers, who suffers from a bulging disc. "You can call it a pinched nerve," says Petersen. Whatever you call it, it's kept him off the gridiron for a month. A twisted ankle and a blown knee ligament have felled two other players, but the maroon-and-yellow plays on. "We've got a great team," says Petersen. "We work hard. We bring our lunch buckets to the field." Petersen should know teamwork. He's covered third base for the Rainbow Road runners and serves with the Spikes volleyball team. This is the first year for the Bombers, though their quarterback, Mike Mahoney, played on one of the city's first gay teams 20 years ago. So far, it's a good year. "All the teams in the league seem evenly matched," notes Petersen. And all the other teams in the Minneapolis Rec League are straight. But gender preference isn't an issue on the field: "Everyone is there to play hard and have a good time," Petersen says. In other words, gay guys put on their jocks like everyone else, one leg at a time. (That's the pre-game show we'd like to see!) The Bombers can be found tossing the pigskin Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. on the Nokomis playing fields just off Cedar Avenue.

High Waters mark. John Waters, auteur of the odd has produced yet another enigma, Pecker, currently playing at Minneapolis' Lagoon Theatre. With a cast that boasts a good portion of today's best young talent--Christina Ricci, Edward Furlong, Martha Plimpton, and Lili Taylor--this story about an obsessive teen photographer named Pecker also includes some great ladykiller footage. Dykes in the know will want to check out Club Casanova drag king Mo (a.k.a. Maureen Fisher) as a grumpy-but-hot lesbian stripper that Pecker surreptitiously snaps through a basement window. Real-life art sensations Cindy Sherman and Greg Gorman also show up in the film, and we're not complaining about Ricci, as Pecker's girlfriend, in another tight-sweater role. As always, in that vintage Waters style, everything goes from haywire to peachy, and everyone goes home happy.

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