Unbuilding the Boxes

U of M researcher Walter Bockting untangles the web of gender and transgender issues

When professional duties overwhelm, Bockting retreats to his high-rise home. Leaving the office at night he drives a short distance to the Minneapolis apartment building where he lives. As he steps into the elevator and ascends, he imagines leaving his work behind--left below as he rises heavenward. As he showers the next morning, his mind returns to work, and he begins to outline the activities for the day ahead. "My ideas come in, I outline what I want to get done, and that's my entrance into work." And it's work that he admits will keep him going for a long time. Most people never find the thing in life that will give purpose and satisfaction to their days, but Bockting says, "I found that [purpose] in the study of sexuality and, in particular, transgender. I am very happy with that."

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