Gary Webb's new book Dark Alliance exposes the CIA/crack connection--and the media's complicity in killing the story

Having admitted that much, the CIA report is then said to "dismiss" Webb's findings, concluding that the drug dealers he profiled had nothing to do with the agency. This bit of legerdemain appears intended to defuse critics who say the government is covering up its involvement in the crack epidemic. Along with most documents pertaining to CIA operations in Central America in the '80s, the report remains classified, supposedly in the interest of national security. What little is known of its contents appears to have been leaked to the New York Times.

"They just don't want to be embarrassed," Webb says of the CIA report. "The problem is they sort of dug their own grave. They demonized drug trafficking to the extent that they could never admit that they were involved in it themselves. They've spent so much on the war on drugs that people would be outraged to find out that while we were paying billions out of one end, cargo planes full of dope were flying in the other end."

Gary Webb reads fromDark Alliance 7:30 p.m. August 18 at Borders Uptown; call 825-0336.

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