Something for everyone. We heard a nasty rumor that the Sapphic set often takes issue with Hot Dish's stereotyped portrayals of dykes in their performances, so we sent our own lesbian liaison (who wears flannel shirts, attends the Michigan Womyn's Festival, eats a regular diet of tofu and organic vegetables, and can't hear soft tapping sounds) to the troupe's recent Pride Wide Open show at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Our investigator reports that, after nearly wetting herself from laughing during the show, these rumors are probably true: Hot Dish manages to offend everyone. But at least they're inclusive--nobody escapes without a wound. Unfortunately there weren't any lesbian characters in this show for her to complete her research, unless you count the Virgin Mary in their hilariously blasphemous finale, "The Last Supper Club."

The Kings and I. The first all-drag-king show rolled out locally at Club Metro last month, and we managed to catch every sexy minute of it. We got everything: a cowboy singing Bon Jovi, the Blues Brothers, and a terrific group rendition of "Greased Lightning." Best by far, though, was the super finale where our five hot girl-boys got led around by a full-on bondage-geared Fifi L'Amour to the sweet strains of Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself for Loving You." Appearing every other Wednesday at Metro with their very own show, the drag-king gig, we hope, will be ultra-big and make our summer ultra-hot. Anyone know how we can get Maverick's phone number?

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