Gang of Four

Rock the basement and pour beer on your ass with pop-punk heroes Dillinger Four

"We've had a very touchy relationship with established rock clubs over the past few years," says Funk, emphasizing the way clubs dominate the scene, regardless of the numbers of fans attending nonclub venues. "That's the way this town works: The underground exists, but when a band from that world plays one of the clubs, they're sort of 'validated.' My point is, houses are just as valid as any club."

As pop-punkers who, in their words, try to handle themselves like a DIY hardcore band, the D4 are quick to boost some of the peers they love--Lifter Puller, Code 13, Stray Bullets, the Strike, and Irish pub-strummers the Tim Malloys. And they're going to stick to their all-ages agenda. They even extend the inclusive spirit to your faithful columnist by coaxing me behind the drum kit for a cover of the Sex Pistols' ferryboat anthem "God Save the Queen." In an era when most tight and charismatic bands bed down with corporations two minutes after leaving the garage, Dillinger Four are keepin' it rotten.

Brian Garrity

Dillinger Four play a record-release concert at the Whole Music Club, 7 p.m. Thursday, June 25. Discount and Dreadnought open. Call 624-8638 for information.

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