Snippets from out and about

So nice, we came twice. We couldn't stop ourselves from seeing Club Casanova's dreamy drag kings both nights they were in town. At both Bryant Lake and the Metro, we swooned to the irresistible charms of Mo B. Dick, DJ Lucky 7, and of course, the greasy German gigolo, Antonio Caputo. My, my! Everything we've ever wanted in a woman...and a man! The show provided us with everything from sexual come-on standup to oh-so-seductive crotch rubbing. Although we desperately wanted to follow them to Madison for their next tour stop, we sated ourselves instead by snatching up the full promo lineup, arriving home loaded down with Club Casanova briefs, T-shirts, combs, and condoms!

Tribe vibe. We missed Plain Jane last month (who can see a band at 5 p.m. on a sunny Sunday anyway?), but we'll catch them when they headline their very own Seventh Street Entry show June 7. We did arrive in time, however, to see our fave national dyke band Tribe 8 in their all-girl, all-punk glory. It only took about five minutes of roughhousing before the lead singer obligingly disrobed, finishing the set clad only in harness, boxers, and girlie glory. How can you go wrong? Besides, with lyrics like "I won't go down in history, but I'll go down on your sister," we definitely needed the visual.

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