Out With Clout

In corporations and churches, in classrooms and capital corridors, these 100 Queers have contributed to the "Good Life" in Minnesota.

Aaron Lichtov At 29, he's accessibility director for Twin Cities Pride and the organizing force behind the first-ever Midwest Trans Institute.

Scott Mayer Activities director extraordinaire for the gay Twin Cities. Nobody throws a better party.

Barb Wieser Iowa City's Women's Press founder. Woodswomen guide. Amazon Bookstore beacon.

Beth Zemsky The director of the U of M's GLBT Programs Office has transformed her fledgling post into a respected position that serves as a nerve center on all matters queer for administrators and students alike.


Nancy "Rusty" Barcelo She helped found the University of Iowa's LesBiGay Faculty and Staff Association before taking a job as associate vice president for multicultural affairs at the U of M.

Geoffery Blanton School's not only out, it's also safe for queer kids and teachers with Blanton heading up the Minneapolis schools' Out 4 Good program.

Marjorie Cowmeadow After helping establish the GLBT programs office at the U of M, the associate dean of the General College continues to be a self-professed "stickler in the side of the U."

Susan Curry The Philanthrofund director helps pump nearly $25,000 annually into projects that benefit the GLBT community.

Marilyn Deppe The out vice president for student affairs oversees the lives of 2,800 students at Hamline University.

Ava Walker A major with Minnesota Army National Guard, Walker doesn't shy away from taking her partner, Marilyn Deppe, to the unit's social functions.

Rod Metzger As local cochair of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, Metzger educates educators on coming out.

Anthony Winer The professor's course on "Law and Sexuality" at William Mitchell College of Law doesn't hedge when it comes to discussions of homosexuality. And he's out on campus.

Arts & Entertainment

Christine Benkert Queer women once flocked to the HRC cocktail parties held at this commercial photographer's studio.

Bain Boehlke The Jungle Theatre director's work space hangs on the verge of expansion.

Danny Buraczeski The Kennedy Center. The Joyce in NYC. What next? What more? Next season, the choreographer and his nine-member Jazzdance start their largest tour ever.

Robert Byrd As a Jerome Foundation associate, Byrd helps dole out more than a quarter-million cool ones to filmmakers, videographers, and organizations in Minnesota and New York.

Richard Cook & Stephen Lockwood Their behind-the-scenes gamble on Love! Valour! Compassion! brought in mucho dollars and season subscribers at Park Square Theatre.

Joan Drury The Spinsters Ink publisher has earned a Minnesota Book Award and an Edgar nomination for fiction she penned herself.

Ellen Hart Professional chef turned mystery author. Her opus now tops a dozen nailbiters.

Richard Iglewski & Tim Lee Twice the talent or double trouble? Director Lee founded Outward Spiral Theatre Company; actor Iglewski recently got tapped to play Oscar Wilde in Gross Indecency, due this winter at the Guthrie Lab.

Myron Johnson Mingling camp, classics, and rock-the-house music mixes, Ballet of the Dolls founder Johnson rarely disappoints.

Suzy Messerole She graduated from college with a specialty in lesbian drama and feminist-theater theory. Lucky for us all, the 26-year-old director found Outward Spiral Theatre Company.

Miss Richfield 1981 The queen of wash-and-wear has saved the local drag scene from stale self-indulgence and gallows humor. She can call our bingo number anytime.

Gary Schiff The survival of a landmark playhouse may lie in the hands of this "Save Our Shubert" activist.

Deborah Serafini The Minnesota Orchestra's fortissimo voice on (still ungranted) domestic partner benefits.

R.D. Zimmerman Loyal fans, a Lambda Literary Award, and a successful series about a gay investigative reporter. What more could a Minneapolis author want?


Kim Carlson As the out CEO of Cities Management, Carlson oversees property management for 6,500 residential units across the Midwest.

Lois Carlson An investment executive at PaineWebber in Minneapolis, Carlson boosted local participation in HRC's Federal Club from 40 to 100.

Daniel Duty The trademark counsel at General Mills defends Yoplait and Wheaties and our right to be out at work.

Jeanne Graham Involved in the recent hate-crimes conference, this federal prosecutor handles everything from bank robberies to violence against women.

Jeff Hoke As director of retail marketing at the Mall of America, Hoke hopes to sell retailers on the virtues and values of marketing to gays and lesbians.

Charlie Rounds The president of RSVP Travel Productions is plotting to make Minnesota the destination of choice for the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association conference next spring.

Elizabeth Scholl After starting the Honeywell Pride Council, Scholl took a job as community-relations director at Allina three years ago. An active member of the company's GLBT group, she looked on with pride when Allina added domestic-partner benefits for queer employees.

Sports & Leisure

Roger Gregg The official Mr. Minnesota Leather heads up SoberLeather, a chem-free social club for leatherfolk.

Barry Leavitt The perennial Twin Cities Goodtimes Softball League organizer plans to bring 1,200 sluggers to town in early July for the Northstar Classic tourney.

Chris Paddock This bistro owner's brainchild, Bobino Cafe & Wine Bar, is one of the few Hennepin Avenue venues where straights and queers mingle, dine, and chat in harmony.

Deborah Talen Her yeoman's job as organizer of the 1998 Rainbow Families conference gave 500 adults and 200 kids a new perspective on the meaning of family.

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