Bubba Head

There is a certain poetic justice in seeing the president who made Family Values the central theme of his re-election brought low by his own reckless philandering.

Jordan is a notorious womanizer who has boasted about how he and Clinton share "locker room" talk. Indeed, he has cultivated the Clintons for two decades, having seen in the young Arkansas governor the perfect vehicle for the corporate takeover of the Democratic Party by his cronies in the Democratic Leadership Council. As chairman of the '92 transition Jordan helped shape the corporate character of Clinton's cabinet. And he has been present for every major Clinton political crisis, including the Gennifer Flowers affair.

Jordan will never talk, for admitting that he helped orchestrate and carry out a coverup at Clinton's instigation would put him in criminal jeopardy. Even if Lewinsky eventually fingers him under oath, the case for obstruction of justice on his or Clinton's part will be next to impossible to prove in court.

But the legal technicalities won't matter if Clinton loses the country, which will not tolerate a protracted, Nixonian defense to the bitter end. New York's Daniel Patrick Moynihan this week became the first Democratic senator to say that if Clinton had sex--any kind of sex--with Lewinsky, he must resign.

Daniel Ruen

Sex is still America's dirty little secret, as the cartoonist/playwright Jules Feiffer has said, which is why Clinton--no matter what he says--will be unable to rally the country behind him. This president has rubbed our collective noses in the national hypocrisy about sex, and the country will not forgive him for it.

Bill Clinton is nothing more than pond scum on Corporate America's political agenda. He should have been chased from office for selling everything that wasn't nailed down to get re-elected. If the mass media had given the political corruption that has riddled this administration the kind of attention they have lavished on the Lewinsky affair, he might have been. But even bombing Iraq won't save Clinton if he's convicted of lying in the court of public opinion--for a president, the only court that really matters. The question now is not whether he'll have to resign, but when.

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