In the Business Of?

"The Carlson School should look in their backyard and learn how to recruit a diverse student body from within Minnesota," says Renee Jenson, who charges the business school uses international students to diversify the student body.

Diana Watters

Plus, Barcello says, all universities now look to international students to diversify. But critics counter that at Carlson, resources might have more to do with international recruitment than administrators are willing to say. They speculate that one reasons for stepped-up foreign recruiting might be the UM's new plan, Incentives for Managed Growth, which is being billed as a way to help wean higher-education institutions from state funding. Under the plan, departments and colleges within the university receive all the revenues they generate, but are also responsible for all the costs they incur. For the first time, UM units have financial incentives--not just academic ones--for recruiting students.

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